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Back Injuries

£7,000 compensation for back injury

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors report that a £7,000 compensation payout was awarded on behalf of an employee suffering a back injury at work. The worker was carrying a 14 pound gas cylinder on a staircase but slipped and fractured his vertebra and sustained soft tissue damage, which led to a lay off from work for three months. Importantly for the case, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors proved that the staircase was slippery at the time and that there were no staircase railings or grips, which helped to secure the £7,000 payout from the employer BOC Group PLC.

£50,000 compensation for broken back

In June 2003 a heating and plumbing engineer suffered a broken back at work and was awarded a £50,000 out of court settlement. The engineer was working on a building site when he was required to climb a ladder, but on his way down, the ladder fell away from the fixing and the employee fell 35 feet to the floor breaking his L1 and L2 vertebrae. As a result of the fall, the engineer will have lasting damage to his back and his employment role has had to be altered to a more supervisory position.