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De Quervains Syndrome

£53,995.18 injury compensation for De Quervain’s Syndrome

In November 2002 an employee working as a sander for Prestige Veneers Ltd was awarded £53,995.18 in compensation for developing De Quervain’s Syndrome in the workplace. The employees’ job was to primarily paste filling and to sand bezels for use on the fascia boards of Mini cars.


£17,887.50 compensation for Admin Officer suffering from De Quervain’s Syndrome

An Administrative Officer was awarded £17,887.50 injury compensation in October 2001 due to having developed De Quervain’s Syndrome whilst working between the years 1996-1997. The claimant spent approximately 25% of her day typing but adopted an awkward position at her workstation which led to her right wrist not being sufficiently supported and her employer did not provide chairs with arm rests. The court upheld her claims and she was awarded £17,887.50 in compensation.