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Lateral Epicondylitis

£11,737.16 compensation for Joiner suffering from Lateral epicondylitis

In March 2001, Sheffield County Court awarded a Sander £11,737.16 in injury compensation as a result of developing Lateral epicondylitis from workplace activities. It was provided in court that his sanding duties at work caused the injury and that his employer was foreseeable by the defendants, Rugby Group plc. As a consequence of the injury the employee had to stop working in 2001.


£35,194.11 Lateral Epicondylitis injury compensation

In September 2001, Stoke on Trent County Court judged that as a result of repetitive manual work the claimant, a 52 year old woman working as a Blocker on a production line had suffered from Lateral Epicondylitis of right elbow with diffuse forearm pain and should be awarded £35,194.11 in injury compensation.